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Our First Exxxotica – 2014

We were exhausted!!  Simply Erotic Xtras had just completed it’s first appearance at Exxxotica.  What a thrill!  All it took was four months of planning, merchandise research, vendor identification & negotiation, marketing efforts, promotional item selection and three (3) consecutive 16 hour days in which we were on our feet the vast majority of the time.

In addition, we experienced things in which one would only read about.

Let’s recap a few of our experiences, shall we?

Mom Next Door – Here we were, setting up our 10’x10′ booth and trying to look very professional.  We were setting up the display, unpacking the merchandise and making sure everything is marked properly.  Across from us, we saw a rather ordinary individual who was pretty in a “Mom-Next-Door” kind of way.  She was very personable and a joy to talk with as we were setting up.  We introduced ourselves struck up a conversation with her (Paige Little).   We asked whose booth she was setting up and when did she think they would arrive.  Imagine my surprise, when she told us she was voted MILF of the Year!   I think my jaw hit the floor.  The next day. she came to “work” wearing a rather hot outfit.  I was first in line to get my picture with her:-) As a matter of fact, almost all of the performers and exhibitors were very nice, friendly and intelligent.   As they say – never judge a book by the cover.

The Merchandise Our first review of a product catalog was literally a giggle-fest.  We had never seen so many items that literally made us scratch our heads and wondered how some of these things worked!  When I asked my wife to select a couple of vibrators for the show, she looked at me and asked which one?  We had no idea that there were 30 pages of vibrators in every possible shape, size, color, length, width, material, etc!!!  In getting our product line together, we ordered items from Canada, Germany, England, China and the USA.

Customers – It is almost a surreal environment.  Customers who you have never met, are asking questions of a most personal nature.  Questions such as, Will this stimulate my clitoris?….Will my boyfriend go down on me if I spread this on me?….Does this vibrator have enough intensity for me to get off?….Can you please use this paddle on me so I can see how it feels. Basically, questions that I’ve never been asked in my life.   Oddly enough, you begin taking a clinical approach when answering the various questions.  No blushing or embarrassment…. you just become the subject matter expert on the merchandise you sell.

The Environment – Where else can you  find a dominatrix dressed as a Nun who has a “mini-me” following her around in the same habit…OR…one of the “Mature” Porn Stars (Rita Daniels) who would come over, lift her top and ask how her breasts looked that day (as an FYI…they looked OUTSTANDING;-)….OR…having 3 male strippers doing a bump & grind with my wife…OR…a completely set-up dungeon for use by the Dungeon Master.  Everyone was a thorough professional, very friendly and helpful with advice for us newbies.

The best I can say is that it’s like belonging to a club.  Yes…the club is a bit unique and definitely not for everyone. However, we can honestly say that we had a great deal of fun, expanded our business from that first show and made several friendships.

– Herb