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Dallas Bridal Show – January 2017

Our first show in Texas!  We had everything ready to go when disaster struck… I got sick!  My poor hubby was going to have to go solo. ?  I was determined to help, and really wanted to be there for him, but coughing and sneezing on prospective brides and grooms is not conducive to good business.

Fortunately, my stepson, Josh, was able to help out his dad and get the booth set up.  The two of them worked tirelessly on Friday and got our booth looking pretty snazzy.

This is the Herb version of the weekends events:

In order to get into peak physical condition for the show, I decided to start officially working out on Thursday….the day before set-up.  OK…that may not have been a great idea!  Heck, it was a rotten idea.  I thought my legs were going to fall off as we were unloading and setting up the booth.  For some reason, my son thought it was kind of funny watching me shuffle my feet as we walked to the booth with little..OUCHes.. emitting from my mouth!

We put the booth together and took the time to make little balloon animals.  They looked beautiful.  They were floating so nicely when we left.  However, when I arrived on Saturday morning….this time going OUCH with conviction….the pretty little animals were completely deflated.  Hmmmmm… balloon animals and my legs ached.  An auspicious start indeed!

The doors opened and we were off to the races.  OK… about…I waited as the crowd weaved their way through  the show floor and made their way to our booth.  Everyone who stopped by was very friendly  and inquisitive about our name…Hitching Wagon.  We thought it was a great play on words and clearly stated that we are Wedding Officiants.  Most people thought that we rented the wagon for them to stand on and get married by someone else. NOTE To Self…Try not to be too clever in the future:-)  LOL

Once it was clear that we were the Officiants, we were asked a variety of questions, such as:

  • Will you perform a humorous service
  • Will you perform a sarcastic service
  • Will you perform a service dressed like Batman
  • Will you incorporate references to World of Warcraft into the service
  • Will you perform a rustic service (The bride’s mother mouthed, “Redneck”)
  • Lastly, can you just marry us???

In case anyone is interested, the answer was YES to all of the above!

While I’ve been slightly flippant in writing this blog, I do want to stress a couple of items:

  1. We firmly believe that the service should be a reflection of the couple.  Their personalities and beliefs should come through during the ceremony.  The day is all about them and no one else.
  2. Our only requirement for performing a wedding ceremony is that the couple, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, are truly in love, are happy and are doing this out of their own freewill.

It’s pretty simple…..just let the Officiants at the Hitching Wagon perform the ceremony of your dreams.  The type of ceremony that will put a smile on your face and reflect fondly upon throughout your entire lives.

God Bless!
Herb & Amy

The winners of a $50 gift certificate which is good to use with any Wing and a Prayer Enterprises LLC business are:

  1. Jamie & Kenneth R. 
  2. Lauren & Arron B.
  3. Monisha M.
  4. Bianca D.
  5. Sonia M.
  6. Saba A.
  7. Staci & William G.
  8. Michelle & Tony K
  9. Jenifer L.
  10. Mary & Jeff R.