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Introducing… Super Trevor!

The World’s First Australian Super Hero

One day, Trevor and his intrepid band of mates were on walkabout in the bush. They stumbled upon an ancient Aboriginal ceremony which granted the group super powers.

Now they are using their special abilities to save their homeland and protect the planet from evil doers.

Join Trevor and his mates on their exciting adventures together!

Trevor is joined on his adventures by his best mates: a wallaby, a koala, a kookaburra, a crocodile, an emu, a platypus, a dingo and a Tasmanian devil.

Can you keep a secret?

We are currently working on the first edition of Trevor’s comic book.

An Artist to watch for….

Our artist, Jordan Martinez, has taken the bull by the horns and is in full creative mode. It’s all top secret and hush hush right now, but we’ve been given an exclusive first look at Trevor!

Super Trevor shirts are limited in supply… get yours now before they run out!

We’ll be exhibiting at Dallas Fan Days October 20-22.