About Us

Our mission is the empowerment of women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors thereby improving the quality of life for women, men, communities and families regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

All of our companies donate a portion of their sales to various charities that are important to us and our families.  Eg American Cancer Society, Wounded Warrior Project, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, etc.


Free Range Pumpkins





I’m a little off-beat, and so is my sense of humor.  Everyone is always buzzing about the importance of free-range items and I thought, “Hey, where are the free range pumpkins?”  And my newest baby was born!

Free Range Pumpkins is not your average gift store.  The wide assortment of items is guaranteed to appeal to just about everyone.  FRP runs the gamut from perfumes and colognes to comic books and comic collectibles and everything in-between!

I just signed a lease on my first brick and mortar location!  From there I will be selling comics and collectibles, games and gaming accessories, gifts and toys… the list goes on.  The fun won’t stop there… I’m hoping to host Magic the Gathering events and possibly Dungeons and Dragons and/or Pokemon.

I can’t wait to meet all of my new customers when my location is finally open!!


When my husband and I first met in 2011, I had just returned from living in Australia for the past 13 years.  We had a slight language barrier since Australians use different, and often humorous terms to explain certain items.    My daughter was continually interpreting for the two of us, and was confused as to why no one understood what was completely obvious to her.  Thus, Drunken Kangaroo was born!

The world is a very serious place.  We thought, what better way to bring some laughter to the world than to develop a line of clothing with a lovable character (Trevor), poke a little fun at the unique sayings and take the time to share a laugh or two!

On a serious note, although our name is Drunken Kangaroo, we do not promote the use of alcohol. Please drink responsibly.  NEVER drink and drive.  If you do drink, please have your friends call you a cab so you can arrive home alive.

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