Interview League’s Gofundme Campaign

The Interview League is committed to helping others and giving back to the community.  We are a woman owned business that believes anything is possible if someone is willing to provide a person…not with a hand-out…but rather…a hand-up!   That is why the Interview League LLC  was formed 3 years ago.

Our objective was, and still is, to assist individuals of all races with the fundamentals of how to conduct a job search, correctly complete a job application, write a resume, dress for success, interview effectively and do what it takes to keep the job.    Our workshops have been held successfully at Goodwill Industries, Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps, The Buttafly Group, Jefferson Country Public Schools and the Jewish Family & Career Services organization…to name a few.

Within the past couple of years, we have been focusing on the development of a program that will provide real and valuable job skills to those that are currently incarcerated.  These skills will be of value once the individual is released and will provide them with income upon release.

The key to our program is that we will start working with individuals 6-9 months prior to their release.  We will create a variety of jobs that pay these individuals competitive wages that are placed in a bank account.  They will be treated like regular employees and be subject to job performance evaluations and have the opportunity for pay increases and bonuses.  Upon release, they receive these funds.

The goal is to significantly reduce the recidivism rate and provide individuals with a sense of pride and achievement.

The best part of our project is that once it is fully operational,  it will be self-funding and target REDUCING the tax payer burden!

Once proven successful, it can be rolled-out to prisons throughout the US.

We are passionate about this program and know it will work!  We need your support so we can begin campaigning the various Prison Boards and hire a grant writer who can assist us in getting the large funding required for this type of initiative.

Please help us change the current course of events and let’s be at the forefront of a new industrial revolution.
The time for change and innovation for the good is NOW!!!


We would like to raise the funds within the next 30 days.

Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers and donations.

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